DC-99 Cleaner

DAVIES "DC-99" is a heavy-duty cleaner, degreaser and wax stripper. It is non-toxic, non-flammable, non-corrosive and safe to use on all surfaces. Removes dirt, ink, carbonized grease, oil, wax, soap scum and heavy soil dirt from any surface. Its 3-way cleaning action can conquer almost any soil problem known; it dissolves the toughest types of soil, even those not soluble in water!

DAVIES "DC-99" penetrates deeply to dissolve and carry off hidden dirt. It emulsifies soil particles so they are suspended then removed by chemical action and rinsing.

DAVIES "DC-99" Cleaner - Degreaser - Wax Stripper, is a unique product, used in a myriad of cleaning applications. It is a liquid blend of select alkali, special penetrating agents, and solvents. "DC-99" quickly penetrates oil and grease on floors, walls, hoods, air filters, ducts, ventilators, exhaust stains, machines, grills, refuse containers, engines, equipment, concrete driveways, light fixtures, engines, whitewall tires, lockers, cabinets and more. It may be applied by mopping, spraying, soaking, or with automatic floor machines. It works great used in a dip-tank for parts cleaning, and is also extensively used for pressure washers.                                                                                        ALSO, AVAILABLE IN DRUMS

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