DeFlush 100

Ideal for:
• RV, marine, aircraft, buses, portable toilets, holding tanks
• Effectively and quickly breaks down waste
• Controls holding tank odors
• Unique pleasant scent
• Biodegradable

“De-Flush” is an effective deodorant, which neutralizes and destroys toilet waste odors. Dilutes instantly with water to form blue solution. Unique bubble gum scent.


Klear to Land

Maintaining your aircraft windows is not difficult, but there are a few considerations to keep in mind.  Although acrylic plastic is considerably stronger than glass, its face is not as hard, so you must use care when cleaning your windows to prevent scratching.  Never rub the surface with a dry cloth.  Excessive rubbing builds up a static charge on the Plexiglas that can attract dust.


TKS Fluid

Davies “TKS-FLUID” meets the rigid DTD 406-B British specification for wing, tail and propeller de-icing systems. “TKS-FLUID” is used in Raytheon aircraft, Hawker, Sidley, Dehaviland, Cirrus Design’s SR-22, (and others) with the TKS de-icing system. Special holding tanks in the plane store the fluid, which is pumped to leading wing edges, etc., when needed, to melt away ice.

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