Aero Wash n Wax

Aircraft Cleaner & Wax  

Wash & Wax In One Step
Saves Time
A Protective Wax Coating
Greatly Enhances Finish

Davies “ Aero Wash N Wax” is a chemical breakthrough in liquid aircraft wash technology.  It makes it possible to thoroughly wash and wax your plane in one operation!  “Aero Wash N Wax” first scrubs the vehicle clean, and then leaves a protective wax coating.  This amazing chemical discovery simply hoses to a bright luster, no chamoising is required, just apply with a sponge or soft brush, and hose it off.  “Aero Wash N Wax” is recommended for all types of finishes.  It rinses easily and quickly, and is the perfect time saver.

Dissolve approximately 4 oz. for every gallon of water.  Usage may be decreased or increased depending on the severity of the soil load.

Also, available in drums.
Please call (800-888-6133) or email for pricing.


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