Aluminum Parts Cleaner 100

Outstanding Cleaning

Safe and Effective on Aluminum

Ideal for Hard and Soft Water

Automatically Injected

Compounded for Transmission Soil

Easy Rinsing
Davies “ALUMINUM PARTS CLEANER #100” is a specially built detergent used in spray washers in transmission repair shops.  Generally these washers utilize circulation pumps through spray nozzles to clean parts, however “ALUMINUM PARTS CLEANER #100” can also be used for immersion cleaning.  “ALUMINUM PARTS CLEANER #100” is designed to remove transmission soil, and protect the aluminum parts from chemical attack.  Good results are seen in soft and hard water.  Very large rack and parts washers may utilize our automatic dispensing equipment to feed detergent to the machine.  Most customers merely hand feed “ALUMINUM PARTS CLEANER #100” to the machine to start-up, and add periodically to obtain desired cleaning results.

The concentration of the product in the washer can be determined without a DS meter.  The acceptable range would be 2,000to 3,000 for water up to 10 gr. per gal.  For harder water, more product is needed.  Generally this translates to 2-5 oz. per gal. of water. 

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