Aqua Treat 400

“Aqua-Treat #400” is a liquid threshold concentrate that prevents red water scale, and corrosion in water lines. Very low concentrations, 2-10 ppm, are used in this treatment. A special chemical pump is used to dispense diluted “Aqua-Treat #400” directly into water lines. Treated water forms a monomolecular film, microscopic in size, on insides of water lines, protecting metal for corrosive attack. This protective film does not build on itself and cannot affect flow or heat transfer.
‘Red Water’ caused by dissolved iron and manganese is prevalent in well water systems. If untreated, fixture staining, rusty water, and discolored clothes are problems that will occur. “Aqua-Treat #400” will prevent these problems where iron is present in water systems. As little as 1 ppm Iron will produce noticeable water problems. ‘Red Water’ caused by corrosion of steel pipes is also prevented due to the filming action.
Scale formation is controlled with “Aqua-Treat #400” treatment usually at 5-10 ppm. The dissolved “Aqua-Treat #400” interferes with scale crystal growth, thus preventing formation. After prolonged use, existing scale is also slowly removed. The chemicals incorporated in the product are time proven and field-tested for scale control.
“Aqua-Treat #400” is readily field tested for proper concentration with two test kits available. Call for more info.

Also, available in drums.
Please call (800-888-6133) or email for pricing.

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