Auto Brite 1000

Non-Silicone Automotive Dressing


Provides A Silky Shine
Ideal for Auto Detail Shops
“Blackens” Tires Like New
Easy To Apply
Non-Silicone Formulation
Safe for Automotive Paint Establishments


Davies “Auto-Brite #1000 represents the best non-silicone dressing technology in the automotive chemical market today. Containing no silicone compounds whatsoever, this product may be safely used in all auto service establishments where painting occurs. Silicone compounds, when airborne, produce ‘fish eyes’ on paint jobs. “Auto-Brite #1000” contains no solvents or harmful chemicals, and is completely safe for users and incidental user contact. This product uses water as a safe, environmental carrier, but contains special components to lower the freeze point, for use in sub-freezing temperatures.



Spray “Auto-Brite #1000” directly on to clean tires, vinyl, rubber hoses, and plastic trim. Where puddling occurs, dab off excess with clean towel.
“Auto-Brite #1000” can also be sprayed onto a clean rag or sponge applicator to detail door trim, mud flaps, vinyl tops and covers, and any other rubber, plastic or vinyl parts.


Also, available in drums.
Please call (800-888-6133) or email for pricing.


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