Auto Fresh Lemon

Pleasant, Fresh Fragrances

Overpowers the Toughest Odors

Highly Concentrated


Controlled Deodorant Release

Premixed – Ready to Use
Davies “AUTO-FRESH” products are specially compounded air-fresheners designed for automotive use.  These products are made with a variety of popular fragrances.  Auto detailers to cover mal-odors and to leave a pleasant residual fragrance use “AUTO-FRESH”.  Coin-op car washes are offering (at extra cost) perfume deodorizing, and “AUTO-FRESH” IS IDEAL.  Although our initial study has shown that “AUTO-FRESH” products perform well for the automotive market, there are other applications.  These can include general mal-odor covering and deodorizing for washrooms, nursing homes, hotels, motels, locker rooms, etc.


Spray “AUTO-FRESH” in air, under car seats, on carpeting, etc., or where mal-odors are found.  “AUTO-FRESH” can be added to cleaning solutions to aid odor control and freshening.

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