Boiler Kleen SI-Plus

• Effective pH Control
• Aids in Inhibiting Corrosion
• Easy to Use and test.
• Fast and Complete Coverage Concentrated, Inexpensive to use

Davies “Boiler Kleen SI-Plus” satisfies the corrosion inhibition need for the latest generation of vented, circulating water, wood-burning boilers. This product is fortified with a proven rust inhibitive chemical package, which actually chemically bonds to sensitive metallic surfaces. “Boiler Kleen SI-Plus” is the ideal chemical treatment for Bimetallic Corrosion (BMC) potential in the newer stainless steel, boiler constructions.
BMC occurs when two different metals directly contact in an aqueous solution. The rate of corrosion is dependant on many factors, including metallic sensitivity, temperature, electrolyte concentration, circulation rate, and other engineering aspects. To minimize BMC, it is most important to maintain low chemical concentrations and minimal electrolyte level in the boiler. The chemistry represented by “Boiler Kleen SI-Plus” has been thoroughly researched and used for a wide spectrum of water system protection, and is effective in low concentration.
Treatment with “Boiler Kleen SI-Plus” is very easy, with recommended treatment of 1 pt per 200 gal of water, per season. Of course treatment would be adjusted for more severe water properties, or systems with more chemically demanding requirements. Easy to use pH test paper or field-test kit are available for ensuring proper treatment levels of “Boiler Kleen SI-Plus”. Recommended pH range is 8.5-10.5.

Additional sizes available, please call (800-888-6133) or email for sizes and pricing.

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