Davies Bug X 100


“Davies Bug-X 100” is truly the ‘grand-slam’ of insecticides. This product features effectiveness against more than 60 types of insects, great economy of use, (as it is diluted with water), and has been chemically compounded specifically for safety of both vegetation and the applicator. Another outstanding feature of “Bug-X 100” is that applications can provide a four (4) week residual effect for insect control. This product can also be used to control insect pests on lawn, trees, bushes, flowers, and houseplants. Due to its effectiveness against mosquitoes, “Bug-X 100” is excellent insurance against the Zika, West Nile Virus, and other mosquito transmitted diseases.
Directions: “Bug-X 100” is diluted with water depending on the specific application and the insect to be controlled. For trees & shrubs, flowers, ornamental house plants, velvet plants, use 1 oz “Bug-X 100” per gallon of water. For application to lawns, use 2 oz per 3 gallons of water. For residual insect barrier around buildings, use 2-7 oz “Bug-X 100” per gallon of water. Application is best with Davies pump-up “Bug-X Sprayer”, or a good quality, pump-up garden sprayer (equipped with a fine mist fitting) can be used.


Please note: Davies Bug-X can not be shipped to the State of California.

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