Davies Citrus Cleaner 350



DAVIES CITRUS CLEANER #350” incorporates outstanding cleaning and odor control of natural citrus extract in an easy to use, solvent cleaner.  This product is versatile and features tremendous grease cutting abilities.  DAVIES CITRUS CLEANER #350  removes tar, cleans oil off engine parts, softens adhesives, and suspends soil.  As it cleans, it refreshes with the fresh air of citrus.  DAVIES CITRUS CLEANER #350 is also excellent in removing cosmoline from imported cars.


Allow DAVIES CITRUS CLEANER #350 as is, without dilution, via spray or cloth.  Allow to work, brush as necessary, and then wipe off with cloth, or rinse with water.  DAVIES CITRUS CLEANER #350 is safe on all car finishes, including the new clear coats.

Also, available in drums.
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