Davies Oil Soap

Finished wood paneling * Laminated surfaces * Cabinets

Paneling * Painted wood * Formica * Tables and chairs                                          

Bookcases * No-wax floors  * Plastic * Ceramic tile                                                

Marble * Painted surfaces * Enameled surfaces                                    

Linoleum/Vinyl  * Acrylic fiberglass

Davies Oil Soap can help you protect and beautify all the finished wood in your home. Davies Oil Soap will show you how to identify, clean, and maintain your wood to preserve its charm for many years to come. Cleaning hardwood floors, wood furniture, and other surfaces around your home has never been simpler.


For most jobs, including wood floors, use 1/4 cup of Davies Oil Soap to one gallon of warm water (two ounces of Oil Soap to 128 ounces of water). Start with a clean, well wrung-out mop. Be sure to mop up any excess water. For tougher jobs, use 1/2 cup of Davies Oil Soap to one gallon of warm water.

Also, available in drums
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