Enviro Kleen Roof


Non Pressure Formula
Just rinse with a hose.  

Maintains the “new” shingle look

Removes Black Algae and Mildew

Safe on all surfaces 

Bio-degradable Formula is safe for surrounding plants and bushes.

Davies “Enviro Kleen Roof” is formulated to add years to your roofs life and safely clean your roofing, adding curb appeal in the process. Black algae and moss are the leading causes of discoloration on roofs and “Enviro Kleen Roof” safely removes them without the need of heavy scrubbing or high-pressure.

Simply apply “Enviro Kleen Roof” to the roof and allow 5 minutes of contact time. If the outside temperature is below 50ºF allow slightly longer contact time. If the outside temperature is above 80ºF or there is a slight wind, wet roof first with hose, then apply “Enviro Kleen Roof”. Slight agitation may be required. Finally, flood rinse with water. Use proper precautionary measures when doing any type of roofing project.

Also, available in drums
please call (800-888-6133) or email for pricing.



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