Floor Guard

Cleaning & Polishing Compound

• Hi-Shine Cleaning

• Easy To Use

• Prolongs Finish & Floor Pad Life

• Can Be Used On Most Floorings
Davies “Floor Guard” is designed to save 50-70% labor costs, and is a safe, dust-free, self-removing, transparent and soil resistant floor film.  This product eliminates restoration and spray buffing products.  “Floor Guard” prolongs finish and floor pad life, and postpones stripping and recoating.  This product can be used on any properly coated flooring, including:  tile, linoleum, rubber, concrete, terrazzo, ceramic, tile, etc.  Approved coatings include Davies “Dura-Gloss”, and “Brite Beauty”.


1. Dust mop floor to remove dust and dirt.  Damp mopping is normally not needed, but if floor is more soiled, use ¼ oz. of Davies “Neutral Kleen” per gallon of  warm water, and mop floor.
2. Use a soft (white, tan) burnishing pad with a high-speed (250-3,000 rpm) floor machine.
3. Apply a three-inch bead of “Floor Guard” on floor, distribute compound with floor machine, and polish 1,000 sq. ft. as fast as operator can walk.
4. Dust mop again to remove dirt crystals.

Warning:  Causes eye irritation.  Keep out of reach of children.

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