Floor Neutro

• Neutralizes floors after stripping old finishes
• Enables better floor wax or finish adhesion
• Prevents floor wax or finish from peeling off
• Removes old soap and mineral deposits from floors
• Prevents floor wax or finish from powdering
• Prevents blotchy looking floors after applying wax or finish
Water minerals react with components of wax strippers and floor cleaners, leaving a ‘soap scum’ on floors that dull appearance. Due to individual water conditions, this film may not be obvious, however, when floor finish is applied over this film, the following problems often occur:

1. Finish does not adhere properly, and will often peel off the floor in those areas where a heavy film was left.
2. Many times the floor looks satisfactory when finish is first applied. But, when floor is subsequently buffed, powdering will occur.
3. Very often, after finish has been applied, floor will appear blotchy in areas where floor has not been rinsed properly. Even when care has been taken in rinsing the floor, just the very slightest amount of film will cause the finish to show traffic marks more quickly and does not ‘stand up’ satisfactorily. Invariably, the customer will blame the floor finish or wax.

To avoid these problems and to unsure proper adhesion of floor finish, “Floor-Neutro” should be used.

This rinse solution will instantly neutralize any soap and mineral film; will greatly reduce labor time in rinsing; will condition floor to be sealed properly. If too strong, a stripping solution is used to strip floor, leaching may occur. “Floor-Neutro” used in final rinse will restore color.

Economical to use
For the smallest cost involved, the use of “Floor-Neutro” can be the customer’s best investment in the entire floor care package. Simply add 4 oz. Per gallon of water in rinse water. If water is more then 9 grains hard, use 8 oz. Per gal. Of water. Always final rinse with clear water.

Also, available in drums
please call (800-888-6133) or email for pricing.

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