Fry Kleen


A clean fryer will use less gas or electricity because recovery time is quicker. Foods will fry faster. Customers will be served faster. Food will taste better.
‘Fry-Kleen’ is a non-caustic, fast-acting cleaner that readily dissolves caked-on grease from deep fryers quickly, safely and easily. Removes carbon with very little effort; reaches the undersides and openings between heating units. Reduction of carbon increases the life of heating units.
In deep fat frying, quick recovery is absolutely essential to keep food from absorbing grease. However, continued use will cause burnt shortening or oil to build up on fryer walls and tubes. This carbonized fat serves as an insulation and recovery time takes longer.
As recovery time lengthens, grease is absorbed by the food, making it less palatable, less appetizing and soggy. Carbonized fat also imparts a rancid taste to the shortening or oil and this in turn, is transferred to the food.
To keep deep fat fried foods appetizing and grease free, clean your fryer with ‘Fry-Kleen’ Deep Fat Fryer Cleaner. ‘Fry-Kleen’ will do a quick, effective cleaning job with no danger of splash back or excessive foaming.
A clean fryer will give you grease free, more appetizing food. Your shortening or oil will remain taste-free longer. Use ‘Fry-Kleen’ Deep Fat Fryer Cleaner to keep your fryer working like new.
Store in a dry area and keep away from water. Recap jar after each use. Fill fry pot with water to within 3” of the top. Slowly add ½ cup of ‘Fry-Kleen’ per 5 gallons of water in each fry pot. Stir for a few minutes, heat to boil for a short time, brush lightly. Drain, wash, neutralize with vinegar and water and rinse thoroughly.

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