Grease Be Gone

• Keeps grease traps free from grease and free flowing
• Fast acting and safe
• Ideal for automatic injection and “Grease Trap Relief”
• Safe on all piping, Fixtures
• Easy to use
Davies “Grease Be Gone” represents the state of the art in bacterial enzyme products. This product is built with specialized digesters that attack, liquefy and remove grease, fat, and oil faster then any current enzyme product. At long last there is a non-caustic product that can maintain clean and open drains with safe enzymatic action. “Grease Be Gone” liquefies, digests, and deodorizes grease, fat, protein, paper, oil, etc., at an accelerated rate. A synergistic blend of enzymes and enzyme producers is used to produce these results.

Also available in drums
please call (800-888-6133) or email for pricing.

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