Hi Brite 100

“Hi Brite #100” is our time proven original formula. All ingredients in “Hi-Brite 100” are highly active materials, which work, together in the bleaching cycle for continuous complete and safe bleaching action throughout the cycle.

“Hi-Brite 100” contains no inactive or inert ingredients. This completely active product increases the efficiency of bleaching required for effective and economical commercial laundry operation. “Hi-Brite 100” is formulated to work faster six ways:
• Best production protection
• Exceptional soap regeneration
• Less tensile strength loss
• Safest to handle
• More convenience when using
• Easiest storage

Use “Hi-Brite 100” to replace liquid bleaches or dry bleaches without changing washing formulas.

“Hi-Brite 100” is packed in bleach-resistant containers, eliminating container deterioration, waste and safety hazards common to most chlorine products.

“Hi-Brite 100” packaging offers:
• Best product protection
• No package damage
• Elimination of waste through spillage
• Safest to handle
• More convenience when using
• Easiest storage

1. For dry addition – not necessary to dissolve before use.
2. With “Hi-Brite 100” use one to two ounces per 100 lbs of dry white work. For badly stained work use three ounces per 100lbs.
3. Safe dry bleach especially effective for stain removal.
4. Bleached mildew and other stains safely and quickly

Close package after each use: Prevent contamination by foreign material. Keep out moisture to prevent decomposition and loss of strength.


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