Honeysuckle Rose

“Honeysuckle Rose” air and surface deodorizer concentrate kills bad odors in hospitals, hotels, veterinary centers, industrial plants, airplanes, bathrooms, boats, buses, trains, garbage cans, and replaces it with the light “Honeysuckle Rose” fragrance.

Hospitals, nursing homes, veterinary centers, school, industrial plants, etc.: To eliminate odors caused by decomposition,  urine, pet droppings, vomit, fecal matter or blood, from bed pans, urinals, carpets, floors, walls, sinks and drains. Dissolve 2 tablespoons in 1 pint of warm water. Spray on the surface or on sponge and rinse for floors, walls, and carpets, solution may be used with soap or detergent.

Cleaning, General purpose: Use 1 to 2oz. Per 3 gallons of rinse water. Will effectively eliminate odor from food spills, pets, industrial water, toilet backups, garbage, locker rooms, laundry rooms and carts, etc. Use as a spray on top of full garbage cans, in wash down areas and waste receptacles. Excellent for overcoming smoke odors from fires.

Carpet deodorizing: Use 1 to 2oz. Per gallon of diluted rug shampoo.

Air Freshening: To eliminate odors of smoke, beer and alcohol, use 1 to 2oz. In spray bottle of water. Spray room literally. Repeat every 4 hours for effectiveness. You may also use 1 to 2oz. In a vase or pan of water to absorb odors.

Airplanes: One to 2oz. In a spray bottle of water can be sprayed around galley. Spray directly on vomit and surrounding area. In lavatory, add 1oz. To holding tank for each charge. For general cabin odor, use as a spray.

Soiled Foods: Spray solution directly on spoiled food. Use in wash water when cleaning concentrated areas.

Bathrooms, Lavatories: Use 2 to 4 oz. Per gallon of wash for porcelain and tile surfaces. For spray stales and toilets, use concentrate in drip dispensers.

Boats: Use 1 to 2 oz. In each section of bilge. In cabin, use as a spray. In bait and fish storage wells, use as a concentrate spray when cleaning. Use 1 to 2oz. In holding tanks weekly or with each change, whichever comes first.

Buses and Trains: Use as with airplanes

Body odor: Use 1 to 2oz. In body spraying solution or 4oz. In tub of water. Use 1 to 2oz. In foot soak eliminating foot odor.

Clothing: Use 1 or 2oz. Per 15lbs. Of laundry.

Dead animals: Spray concentrate directly on dead animal or corpse.

Pets: For kennels and runs, spray runs regularly to eliminate foul odor. Use 1 to 2oz. In bath water. To eliminate skunk attack, spray entire body with solution of 1 to 2oz. In 16oz. Spray bottle, or 1oz. In bath water. Spray bottom of bird cage. Spray cat litter daily.

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