Karpet Brite

Davies “Karpet Brite” used with a carpet bonnet simplifies the business of turning dirty carpets into clean carpets by dissolving the soil and getting it up quickly with NO SHRINKING and NO DRYING PROBLEMS.

“Karpet Brite” is a safe, fast, and inexpensive carpet cleaning system that really cleans the carpet instead of just plain washing… it will AVOID ALL SHRINKAGE. “Karpet Brite” reaches deep into the carpet to lift soil and grease to the surface – carpets dry fast and are ready for traffic in 15 to 30 minutes depending on the humidity… NO SHRINKING PROBLEMS.

“Karpet Brite” method of cleaning carpets ELIMINATES ALL SHRINKING PROBLEMS… ALL RUST PROBLEMS… ALL MILDEW PROBLEMS… NO TACKY RESIDUE WILL BE LEFT IN CARPET… NO MUSTY ODOR OR SMELL LEFT IN CARPET. “Karpet Brite” leaves a very light, fresh, clean aroma. “Karpet Brite” can be used with a rotary machine by placing a cotton bonnet over the brush… the results, however, are far superior when used with a carpet bonnet and machine.


Also available in drums.
Please call (800-888-6133) or email for pricing.


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