Karpet Guard

Soil Retardant

Keeps rug & carpet fibers naturally resistant to soils & spills
Fibers stay soft & pliable – never mat or stiffen
Fortified with extra strength deodorizer  

One light application reverses the natural attraction of soil to rugs and carpets by seeing up a negative electrostatic field and coats the fibers with an invisible shield that prevents soil and stain build-up. Coffees, cola, ink spills “bead up” on top of the surface for easy blotting with cold water. Dirt and dust are held in suspension for vacuum cleaner pickup.


Spray on a fine mist with any good tank type applicator. May also be applied with industrial cleaning machines that spray and vacuum in one operation. Let dry 2 hours. Reapply only after shampooing or after several brightening treatments. Coverage is 800-1200 square feet per gallon, depending on type and condition of carpet.

Reduce deep soiling permanently. One application protects wool, nylon, and other manmade fibers against dirt, dust, liquids, grime, etc. Leaves carpeting with a fresh, long lasting fragrance.

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