Lemon Shine

Furniture Polish with Carnauba Wax

*Cleans        *Protects        *Shines
*Beautifies        *Preserves
New formula with exclusive ingredients. You can see the difference yourself – it’s pink with a lovely citrus fragrance.

“Lemon Shine” contains a high grade of natural Carnauba wax that is hand-removed from palm trees of Brazil. The wax, in combination with specially selected cleaning agents and shine-producing ingredients, will clean and protect furniture, appliances, woodwork, kitchen cabinets, plastic counter tops, vinyl upholstery, metal, ceramic wall tile, leather, etc., leaves no oily film, no discoloration or residue.

Non-toxic – contains no fluorocarbons. The clean, fresh fragrance of natural oils imparts a fresh fragrance every time the product is used.

Shake well before using. Hold upright about 10 inches away from surface to be polished. Use sparingly, spraying a light film and let dry momentarily before polishing. Polish with a dry, clean, soft cloth for a high luster.

Cleans, dusts, polishes, protects – removes fingerprints, smudges, grease marks, stains. Leaves a hard protective water resistant, dust free finish on all types of furniture, table tops, chrome, stainless steel, brass, plastic and formica, ceramic and plastic tile, vinyl and leather upholstery.

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