Magic Glass

No hard rubbing to prevent streaking. “Magic Glass” washes away grease, general soil, and fingerprints from glass, chrome, stainless steel, tile, and plastic without streaking. “Magic Glass” is a balanced formula for control drying. Thus, it eliminates the need for hard rubbing to prevent streaks. America’s No. 1 professional strength cleaner. The brilliant red color makes rapid product identify.

Back in the early 1940’s, the pilots of our airplanes found that a film of dirt on transparent plastic bubbles interfered seriously with their sextant readings. A formulation was developed, sold to the armed forces and it worked – removed deposits with no streaks, smears, oily film or powder residue.

“Magic Glass” is a modified version of the World War II formula modified for peacetime use. The “Magic Glass” formula is designed specifically to clean glass. Glass gets dirty because the mixture of smoke from cigarettes, ovens, broilers, pips, etc. settle to a gummy film on windows, mirrors, windshields. Dust blowing against this film sticks to it, children’s hands rub over the glass leaving their share of dirt – even the dog helps out with his nose. A quality glass cleaner has to dissolve the oily and grease film and suspend the insoluble dirt so the cleaning cloth can pick up both. If solvent and suspending powers are inadequate, streaks, smears, and films are left behind requiring cleaning – loss of time and energy. Tests indicate that “Magic Glass” does, in fact, have the necessary solvent and oil suspending power to do a better job.  



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