Mold & Mildew Remover

 Davies “MOLD & MILDEW REMOVER” is a safe and versatile hydrogen peroxide-based cleaner.  “MOLD & MILDEW REMOVER” removes organic stains caused by food, grass, urine and more!  Virtually any surface that is water-washable can be cleaned, de-stained, and deodorized with “MOLD & MILDEW REMOVER”.  Can be used on RVS, TENTS, AWNINGS,  SIDING, CONCRETE, FENCES, BOATS, CANVAS, HOUSES, SHEDS, GARAGE & GROUT.   

Always test for colorfastness by applying “MOLD & MILDEW REMOVER” to an inconspicuous area and allowing it to dry.  Do not use on silk, wool, or leather. Do not use on carpets or rugs if there is a warranty issue. Do not mix with chlorine bleach.

1. Spray or pour solution on soiled area.
Wait 1-5 minutes
2. Rinse with clean water and allow to dry

3.  Old stains may require additional treatment

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