New Boat

Environment, User Friendly

Dissolve Scale from hull

Dissolves Slime from Boats

Dissolves Hard water Film

Descales Algae & Barnacles

Davies “NEW BOAT” is an economical, no-muscle-needed, enviro-friendly cleaner that does hundreds of cleaning chores the scientific way.  Makes slow “elbow grease” methods obsolete. Dissolves water scale, scum line soil, and slime from boats. De-scales algae, minerals, and barnacles from boats, docks, and other water facilities.  Especially formulated for removal of massive blockages.  Dissolves the carbonates from scale and other deposits on a surface, so that sulfates, iron, calcium (lime), magnesium, and other insolubles drop away. “NEW BOAT” does all of the above, and is a non-Hazmat, environmental and user friendly cleaner.

To remove heavy crust of lime deposit, etc. use “NEW BOAT” full strength. Equal dilutions with water can be used for easier scale and dirt cleaning requirements.  Apply “NEW BOAT” to 4-6 square feet at one time via spray or sponge, brush as required, and rinse with clean water. Do not allow more than 30 minutes contact with surface to clean. Do not allow to dry onto surfaces.

Safe on fiberglass, painted aluminum, and painted wood surfaces when used as directed.

Also, available in drums.
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