Nu Tutch

Furniture Polish

“Nu-Tutch” restores natural oils to furniture and wall paneling…giving furniture and paneling a ‘like new’ look. Add a few drops of “Nu-Tutch” to your dust cloth to maintain all wooden surfaces with a ‘like new’ appearance. A few drops of “Nu-Tutch” on your dust cloth with also attract dust ‘like a magnet’, keeping the dust from flying in the air and settling elsewhere. “Nu-Tutch” will lock in dust, holding it tightly and flushes out extremely easily in the laundry water.

When you open windows and doors, you invariably invite dust into your home. Dust is more then a nuisance. It can damage your furniture if not removed properly. Dust is made up of tiny, sharp-edge dirt particles, which are extremely abrasive. Dragged across the surface of fine furniture, with a dust cloth, these sharp particles scratch and eventually damage the luster. Avoid the problems associated with dry dusting by using soft, clean clothes treated with “Nu-Tutch” greaseless furniture polish.

Letting the sunshine in is a glorious way to enjoy a summer’s day. However, wood furniture exposed to direct sunlight can be damaged. Overexposure to sun can actually bleach the finish. With prolonged sunlight, checking, crazing, or cracking of the finish may be a problem. Surfaces maintained with “Nu-Tutch” helps prevent such damage.

Doing a little summer rearranging to place furniture away from the direct line of sunrays also helps. Or try draping wooden tables with light colored tablecloths. And, add matching pillows and accessories for a new summer look. You can add a cool, cheery look to your rooms while protecting your furniture’s finish.

When the humidity rises, wood furniture’s chances of being damaged increase. You can help assure your own comfort and the safety of your furnishings by using a dehumidifier to control moisture in the air. Furniture maintained regularly with “Nu-Tutch” helps prevent excess moisture from penetrating in the surface.

The best way to avoid any minor damage to your furniture, year around, is to practice preventive maintenance and regular care. With “Nu-Tutch”, a minor damage to finishes, due to everyday use, often can be corrected or hidden if caught early. “Nu-Tutch” makes an excellent polish for touching up furniture or paneled walls, as well as giving wall paneling a ‘like new’ appearance.

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