Smoke Odor Control

• Dissolves and removes the odor-causing impurities from “burned out” areas without heavy ‘marking” perfumes
• AUTOMOBILE SMOKE ODOR, caused by fire damage eliminated quickly
• Eliminates smoke odors from buildings, and automobiles damaged by fires

Smoke Odor Control:
This amazing chemical is applied to walls and ceilings in a fine mist or spray. It removes smoke odors from badly charred, heavily burned surfaces, as well as all over surfaces subjected to smoke.

Dispense “Odor-B-Gone” with a sprayer. Seal off room as tight as possible for approximately 12 hours, setting sprayer to spray at regular intervals during the 12-hour period. At the end of a 12-hour period, open all doors and windows, and place fans accordingly to push out all of the odor that “Odor-B-Gone” has dissolved. After passing adequate fresh air through the area, all of the dissolved smoke odor will be gone.

The amount of “Odor-B-Gone” needed is ½ gallon per 10 x 10 room (100 sq. ft.). If smoke odor is extremely bad, the usage should be increased accordingly.

Before applying “Odor-B-Gone”, clean all debris, sweeping floor and walls free o f all loose soot or debris. DO NOT soak wood with water, as wet wood will have a tendency of “holding odors”. Inn washing walls and floors before deodorizing, care should be taken not to over soak surfaces.

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