Odor X

Carpet & Room Cleaner
Bacteria will HATE “Odor-X”
“Double barreled” bacteria killing power


• Kills static in carpets
• Kills odor in carpets
• Helps keep carpets clean

• Kills bacteria in carpets
• Leaves a beautiful fresh aroma in carpets
• Helps control mold, mildew and fungus  

• Bacteria will breed in carpets due to their dense construction and the abundant food sources available.
• Carpets develop mold and mildew in damp environments, particularly on the jute backing.  “Odor-X” will stop mold and mildew dead in its tracks


Carpets are made to be walked on even in stocking or bare feet, which does breed athletes foot.

Markets to be reached with “Odor-X”.

Hotels, Motels, and Real Estate-Apartment Market. No one in his or her right mind would willingly wish to live in an environment microbiologically contaminated by another. Structural and contents items can easily be disinfected prior to use by next tenant. Wouldn’t a decontaminated environment be easier to sell or rent? Tell landlords and property managers about our. Oriental Rug – Everyone appreciates oriental carpets. The older they are the denser the construction, the more valuable these works of art are. Imagine the bacteria harborage potential of an oriental rug 100 years old, passed down from generation to generation among several families, which has traveled halfway around the world. Who knows, the new owner may succumb to Ayatolah Disease.

Buyers are accustomed to paying a small fortune for a high quality piece of history; imagine bacterialogical peace of mind for a few pennies more!

Allergy Sufferers – Many people are allergic to penicillin and other varieties of mold. Molds can be found just about anywhere and can be disinfected.
Ask your family doctor for the names of the allergy specialists in your area. Imagine an allergy specialist prescribing the disinfections service for you?

Post Mortem Application – One thing is for certain, sooner or later we expire. Wouldn’t you feel better if the house you inherited or purchased from an estate was completely disinfected?

Contact attorneys, real estate agents, funeral directors, etc., for referrals for this market.

Antique/Used Furniture Dealers
How much is that bacteria laden Chippendale really worth? Imagine the Chippendale bearing a label which states, “This article has been disinfected” with Davies “Odor-X”.

“Odor-X” Directions
Sprinkle “Odor-X” liberally on carpet and wait 3 to 5 minutes for deodorant and disinfecting action to penetrate. Vacuum carpet completely removing powder, mal-odors, and leaving room refreshed and pleasantly scented. One container treats approximately twenty 10 x 12 carpets or “Odor-X” may be sprinkled into carpet and left in carpet indefinitely until next vacuum.


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