Davies “PeeRaser” is the best-known enzymatic  urine and odor remover on the market. “PeeRaser” contains natural enzymes and a fresh, neutral scent to remove the toughest deep-set urine, odors and stains! “PeeRaser” is designed for the removal of urine odors and stains caused by Animals, urine, vomit and feces from carpets, floors, furniture, clothing, and other surfaces. Safe for use around children and pets and on colors because it's non-toxic, non-flammable, non-caustic and non-acid. Safe for all  urine removal, and pet odors from carpets, furniture and all water-safe surfaces.

If the Animal has recently urinated, first absorb as much of the pet urine as possible using paper towels or an old towel. If the pets urine has dried and you are not sure where the soiled area is you can use a black light to detect it. In a darkened room the black light will pick up urine and other stains.  Apply “PeeRaser” liberally; soak as much the animal has urinated. If the product doesn’t touch the urine it will not work to its full potential.  Allow product it sit wet for 6 to 8 hours,
Do not fan dry. If necessary apply a second coat. For severe cases cover with moistened towel.

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