Pond Aid

Natural Bio-Cleaner For Ponds;  Clarifies Water; Removes Green, Brown color; Controls Pond Mal-odors; Removes Suspended Particles; Removes Nitrogen and Phosphorous Pollution                                                                

Davies “Pond-Aid” is an effective, natural first-aid for the normal problems associated with ponds. This product features a special blend of 16 microbial components that address the challenges the Mother Nature has made. Green and brown color, as well as suspended particles are digested and removed by enzymatic and bacterial attack. Accumulations of bottom sludge and floating algae are likewise naturally attacked and removed. As the rotting organics are eliminated, the mal-odors are also gone. Special organisms are used to digest and remove Nitrogen and Phosphorous, plant nutrients. This action helps to control algae, mold, and excessive plant growth. “Pond-Aid” is safe for humans, fish, animals, plants and other aquatic life. What makes “Pond-Aid” so unique is the magnitude of components that work to enable a clean, blue, healthy pond.  A listing of these is included on the reverse side of this page, along with directions for use.
Benefits Of Using Pond-Aid:

Water Clarity.  “Pond Aid” removes dead and rotting organic wastes, digests green and brown color, and eliminates suspended solids. As organic contaminants are removed, the clarity increases.
Odor Control: “Pond Aid” bio ingredients digest dead and dying wastes, eliminating the source of mal-odors. Further bacteria strains are added to remove the rotten egg odor, and other noxious smells.
Removal of Bottom Sludge: “Pond Aid” is fortified with a wide spectrum of bacteria and enzymatic digesters, to remove the most severe organic wastes that settle; clarifying the water as a benefit.                                       

“Pond Aid” is packaged in convenient, dissolvable 1 lb. plastic pouches, 25 pouches per 25 lb. poly pail. Normal pond treatment is 1 pouch per 5,500 cu. ft. of pond surface, or 10 packets per surface acre. For fastest action or for severe pond situations, use 1 pouch per 2000 sq ft of pond area, or 24 pouches per surface acre. Normal treatment should be repeated every 2-4 weeks depending on pond status and desired level of appearance. “Pond Aid” is effective at a pH range of 4.5-9.0, and temperatures from 60 – 110ºF., with maximum utility @ 75 – 100ºF.

Fastest pond treatment is realized by mixing “Pond Aid” with water, making a slurry, and then distributing the mixture appropriately throughout the pond. The pouches can also be simply thrown into the pond, but this will slow the cleaning process and make the positive affects more localized.


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