Pool Guard

Swimming Pool Antifreeze 

 No-freeze protection to -60ï‚°F

 Ideal for  swimming pool filter systems

 Conveniently Dyed for Indication

 Non-toxic, Non-hazardous

Davies “Pool Guard” is an effective protector against freezing for all swimming pool piping, equipment. “Pool Guard” is added after all pool circulatory pipe lines are blown dry (NO WATER) with an appropriate blower and with proper procedures. Typical treatment areas are:
1. Skimmer: 2-4 gallons, for piping and in skimmer after sealing and anti-expansion device added.
2. Return Lines: ¼ - 1 gallon, added protection
3. Pump, etc: where water cannot be completely drained, add as necessary.

All “Pool Guard” treated equipment must be sealed to prevent water entry.


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