Rust Away

Rust remover concentrate 

• Highly concentrated powder
• Easy to use
• Fast and complete dissolving
• Use 1oz. Per gallon of water
• Removes stains with soaking

Davies “Rust-Away” is a highly concentrated powder product, specifically designed for removing rust stains from fabrics. As this is a powder concentrated, it is highly economical to use. There are many other applications for rust stain removal with “Rust-Away”.


Normal bath dilution for bulk stain removal would be 1 oz. Per gal. Warm to hot water should be used to accelerate the stain removal. Following soak, the fabric should be rinsed thoroughly and laundered normally. “Rust-Away” can be added to the machine ‘break’ or pre-wash cycle (do not add any other chemicals in this cycle), followed by a good flush, then normal wash, rinse program.

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