Rust Purge

Rust Remover for Water Softener Resin Beds

• Completely Cleans Iron-Fouled Resin Beds

• Maintains Proper Water Softener Operation

• Cleans Iron Filter Green Sand

Davies “Rust-Purge” is a must-have product for any water softener that has iron present.  With continued use, rust collects in the softener resin bed and will eventually clog the unit.  “Rust-Purge” actually dissolves rust to a liquid and flushes it away with normal backwash.  Iron clogged resin beds are easily cleaned and operation without the high cost of Service Company cleaning.  Periodic treatment of “Rust-Purge” maintains efficient, long cycles and helps to lengthen the life of the water softener.

For Manual Softeners, backwash and regenerate with salt in the usual manner.  Close inlet and outlet valves, remove tank cover, and drain until ½ full.  Dissolve 5 lbs. salt and 1 lb. “Rust-Purge” in 2 gallons of water in a plastic pail.  For softener tanks over 12” in diameter, use 2 lbs. “Rust-Purge”.  Promptly pour solution into softener, let stand 1 hour, then rinse until water is salt free.

For Automatic Softeners, regenerate according to manufacturer’s instructions.  Dissolve 1 lb. “Rust-Purge” in 1 gal. of water in plastic pail.  Quickly pour solution into brine tank and regenerate again.  Again softener completes regeneration, test water at nearest cold faucet to be sure of salt free taste.  Heavily iron fouled softeners may require several treatments for complete rust removal.  Monthly treatment is recommended for water with high iron content.

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