Sept A Kleen

• Rescues “Dying” Sewage Systems

• Maintains Septic Tanks

• Maintains Leach Beds
• Maintains Drainage Fields

• Reduces Septic Tank Smell

• Eliminates Clogging and back-up

Septic tanks smell, clog, back-up, and need pumping for a few simple reasons…the new household cleaners are among the chief culprits. Bleaches, detergents, and new “miracle” cleaners may keep clothes, dishes, floors and walls clean…but they have an adverse effect on a sewage disposal system. While these cleaners remove dirt and grime they actually destroy the good bacteria and digestive enzymes that normally break down and liquefy solid waste, oils, fats and greases in cesspools and septic tanks. When this occurs waste piles up and drains become blocked by sewage back up and your system “literally stinks”.
When your waste system becomes blocked up, you need not have to get a costly cleaning and/or expensive plumbing job. Let DAVIES ‘Sept-A-Kleen’ save you money by avoiding expensive plumbing jobs. Simply pour ‘Sept-A-Kleen’ into your commode, then flush and let it work for you. Generally visible within ten days. ‘Sept-A-Kleen’ not only adds new bacteria to replace those that have been killed off, it also provides three powerful fast-acting natural clean-out enzymes to work along with the good bacteria. These three types blended together bring unexcelled results. Enzyme No.1 breaks down the hard fat into tiny gobules. Enzyme No. 2 disintegrates and digests hard starches by changing them into water-soluble sugars. Enzyme No. 3 eliminates smells by turning solid organic waste matter into odor-free, biodegradable liquids. DAVIES ‘Sept-A-Kleen’ does not stop there.  ‘Sept-A-Kleen’ actually turns clogging solids that accumulate in lines into flowing liquids.  ‘Sept-A-Kleen’ also contains a special blend of wetting agents that ‘open’ the earth so it can quickly absorb the liquids from the drain fields. At the same time  ‘Sept-A-Kleens’ efficient pH controls help to keep proper neutral chemical balance so your pipes will not corrode and your surrounding soil will not become too acidic or too alkaline.  ‘Sept-A-Kleen’  is a non-poisonous, non-corrosive, non-toxic, completely safe to use and harmless to animals. It’s no wonder that it’s referred to as the “wondrous daisy fresh gobbler” of septic tank gook! You can call it your septic tank insurance policy.  ‘Sept-A-Kleen’ is guaranteed to deliver “trouble-free” use of your septic tank.
Regular use keeps tanks clean and trouble-free. Use 1 lb. for initial treatment of a 1000 gallon tank and adding 4 oz. per week, or as necessary, thereafter. This dosage may be decreased or increased depending on severity of conditions. Add  ‘Sept-A-Kleen’  directly to commode.

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