Shower Suds

 Rich, Thick Suds

 pH Balanced for Mildness

 Self-Adjusting Cleaning

 Fortified with Skin Conditioners

 Pleasantly Perfumed

Davies “Shower–Suds” is an ideal blend of hard working cleaners and skin conditioners, for body wash application. Rich, thick lather deep cleans hair and skin, yet does not strip away essential oils. “Shower–Suds” contains self-adjusting cleaners, that work hard only where needed, on oily skin.  “Shower–Suds” is completely free rinsing, and will not leave a residual soap film. The product is specially pH buffered for extra mildness to the skin.

Directions: “Shower–Suds” is a thick rich liquid shampoo that dispenses through many DAVIES soap dispensers. No dilution is necessary. “Shower–Suds” is ideal for shower use at country clubs, athletic clubs, institutions, schools and factories.

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