Slat Guard 100

Eliminates build up of slag

  Eliminates costly Grinding equipment

  Extents life of slat

  Reduces down time

  Reduces slag build up


Davies “Slat Guard 100” is formulated to help prevent slag from sticking on metal slats on lasers. Using “Slat Guard 100” will substantial increase the life of your slats. “Slat Guard 100” is a rust-inhibiting liquid with formulated viscosity that can be easily sprayed or brushed on slats.  Due to the controlled consistency of the product, and its strong vertical clinging properties, application is always quick and easy without leaving a mess.  Using “Slat Guard 100” will help to greatly reduce the amount of slag build up. “Slat Guard 100” is non-flammable, non-corrosive, and does not liberate noxious fumes, making it very safe to use.   

Apply “Slat Guard 100” to clean slats with a garden sprayer to provide a protective coat to metal.  Slag can be removed by lightly tapping slats with a hammer. “Slat Guard 100” can also be used on nozzles and can be easily wiped off.

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