Solvo Kleen 400

Non-Butyl, Industrial Cleaner-Degreaser

• USDA Approved for All-Surface Use
• Fast Powerful Cleaning Action
• Quickly Dissolves Oil, Grease
• Ideal for Food Plants
• Concentrated, Economical to Use
• Non-Flammable
• Moderate Foaming

Davies “Solvo Kleen #400” is a hard working cleaner-degreaser, designed for the toughest cleaning jobs. “Solvo Kleen #400” is a concentrate designed for various cleaning applications at different water solutions. Applications are very numerous, but include cleaning floors, equipment, walls, engines, hydraulic equipment, mats, vinyl, etc. and other surfaces which are compatible to water-detergent solution. “Solvo Kleen #400” is widely used in both industrial, food plant, institutional, hospitals, etc. applications.


“Solvo Kleen #400” is diluted with water at various concentrations to match soil load and severity. For heavily soiled floors, dilute 1:10. For walls and less soiled floors, dilute 1:20. When used with pressure spray equipment, use at 1:30. “Solvo Kleen #400” exhibits strong cleaning action with moderate foam. Diluted product performs well at ambient temperature, but dilute with hot water (100-160ºF) for improved results. Always rinse off completely with water following cleaning.

Note: Above dilutions are starting point only and should be adjusted to meet individual requirements. Painted surfaces should be tested for product sensitivity.

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