Spray N Buff

- Unexcelled for removing black heel marks
- Reduces floor maintenance cost 30% to 50%
- May be applied with any floor machine
- One man will replace a 4-man crew

Scrubbing & Cleaning Power
“Spray N Buff” floor maintenance system eliminates mixing solutions – flooding the floor with scrubbing solutions – wet vacuuming – double rinsing – detail clean up – final step of applying floor finish.
One man applies the Davies “Spray N Buff” while operating the floor machine. He pushes a lever on the handle to release the Davies “Spray N Buff” and the machine does the work removing all soil including black heel marks and applies a high shine floor finish in one operation. Pre-wet mopping is NOT NECESSARY with Davies “Spray N Buff” maintenance system. A 4-man job becomes a one-man job allowing more efficient use of manpower.

A Durable High Shine
You cannot measure a floor maintenance system in man power alone – floor finish durability, mark resistance – brilliance of gloss – extent of anti-slip are important factors that determine anti-slip qualities. Davies “Spray N Buff” is proving to be the most effective labor saving floor maintenance system available.

Davies “Spray N Buff” Eliminates
• Closing off floor areas for prolonged periods of time waiting for floor cleaners to dry
• Slippery floors conducive to bad accidents and lawsuits due to injuries
• Doing floors on off hours. All floors can be done during high traffic working hours without disrupting traffic and without having any slippery spits (a phenomenal labor savings)

“Spray N Buff” is used as a revitalizer, maintaining all floors finished with Davies “Sta-Brite” or other quality floor finish. To maintain floors with a good high gloss (“wet look”) three coats of “Sta-Brite” is recommended as a base – all maintenance from this point is done with “Spray N Buff”. “Spray N Buff” WILL ACTUALLY CLEAN THE FLOOR AND PUT ON A NEW HIGH FINISH AT THE SAME TIME.

Also, available in drums
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