Super Green

Industrial Cleaner Degreaser Concentrate

• Fast cleaning action
• Easy and safe to use
• Biodegradable
• Concentrated, economical to use
• Ideal for industrial use

Davies “Super Green” is the ‘adult’ version to many of the trendy junior-cleaners currently on the market. This product is ‘SUPER’ on severe, tenacious soil, yet safe for operator use and sub-surface contact. “Super Green” is a true cleaner concentrate, which allows great savings in cleaning costs. A few of the recommended cleaning applications include: cars, trucks, concrete, carpet stains and pathways, fabrics, fiberglass, all metals floors & walls, washrooms, food serving and preparatory areas. Davies “Super Green” cleans in a powerful way for many applications yet is safe for operators and the environment.

For heavy soil removal (industrial, marine, soiled floors, kitchens, concrete floors, etc.) use 16oz. “Super Green” per gal. of water. For medium soil load (on painted surfaces, fabrics, carpeting, woodwork, wall coverings) use 8 oz. per gal. of water. For light soil and sensitive surfaces (trucks, cars, waxed floors, automotive interiors, misc. painted surfaces), use 2 oz. per gal. of water. Apply “Super Green” cleaning solution via sponge, mop, or spray, agitate as necessary with brush, mop, etc. and rinse off with water.

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