Throne Power

The Toilet Bowl Cleaner That Will Remove Urine Scales & Salts

NO AMOUNT of scrubbing or mechanical action will remove the urine, salts, scales, and rusts that accumulate in these hidden odor zones. Perfume blocks and other camouflage methods only mask the odor temporarily but they can be quickly and fully eliminated by “Throne Power” and its dissolving action.

HIDDEN from the eye but responsible for offensive odors, natural accumulations of uric acid scales form in inaccessible parts of closet bowls and urinals where no amount of costly time and labor-consuming scrubbing can remove them. Even though the visible portions of sanitary equipment may appear clean, objectionable odors will remain until acid scales are dissolved by “Throne Power” and its rapid action. “Throne Power” quickly removes these accumulations without injurious effect to waste pipes, porcelain, or septic tanks.

Over a period of years by leading hotels, schools, office buildings and industrial plants, has proven “Throne Power” does the job. One ounce of “Throne Power” will do the job of 2 or 3 ounces of ordinary closet bowl cleaner.

Easy to Use
To remove discoloration from urinals and toilet bowls, shut off, flush and remove all standing water. Then apply “Throne Power” with a swab. Rinse thoroughly when all discolorations have disappeared.
To dissolve stony obstructions such as mineral accumulations and urinary scale in urinal and toilet water pipes – shut off, flush and remove all standing water, then pour 8 oz. “Throne Power” down the drain. Allow to work 10 to 15 minutes – then flush. When extremely heavy accumulations have occurred, a 2nd or 3rd application may be necessary. Such accumulations may be avoided by regular use of “Throne Power”. When odor is gone, scales are gone.

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