Triple Lube

Rust Proofer, Penetrating Oil, Tapping Fluid

• Fastest Action Rust Penetrate

• Outstanding Indoor & Outdoor Rust Protection

•  Great Machining Lubricity

• Easy To Use, Safe On Operators

• Water Displacing

• Safe Flash Point

• Special, lo-viscosity formulation

Davies “TRIPLE LUBE” is ideal all in one lubricant for all machine and industrial shops. It features outstanding rust penetration, much faster and more complete than any national brand. “TRIPLE LUBE” also features great rust protection, for both indoor and outdoor storage. Documented salt spray rust protection properties are also value added characteristics of this product. Outstanding machining lubricity is built into “TRIPLE LUBE”, so drop or spray application can be used for tapping and general machining of all metals. The product actually features better boundary lubrication than straight mineral oil, and also includes EP (extreme pressure) lubricity qualities.

“TRIPLE LUBE” is used as is, for rust protection, rust penetration, and for machining. The best rust protection is acquired with total immersion and agitation in the solution. For penetration of rusty threads or slides, simply spray or flood apply. Use a steady drip or light spray when using “TRIPLE LUBE” for manual machining.

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