Floor Care

Floor Guard

Cleaning & Polishing Compound

• Hi-Shine Cleaning

• Easy To Use

• Prolongs Finish & Floor Pad Life


Enviro Kleen RTU

Fast cleaning Action

Easy, Economical to use

User-Enviro Friendly

Ideal for general cleaning

Great oil-removal power


Easy Strip

Non Scrub Floor Stripper

Newest Floor Cleaning Technology
Removes Wax Without Floor Machine
Easy To Use
Mop On, Vacuum Off
Fast Acting, 2-5 Minutes


Dura Gloss

• Durable, Protective Finish

• ‘Wet Look’, High Shine

• Easy to Use & Maintain

• Protects Resilient Floors

• Ideal for Commercial Use


DC 47

Cleaner – Degreaser – Wax Stripper

Dissolves grease, oil soil
Economical to purchase
Easy to use
Low foaming
Broad spectrum cleaning


Mop Brite


• Conditions floor finishes as it cleans
• No rinsing necessary
• Easy to use – mop and dry


Spray N Buff

- Unexcelled for removing black heel marks
- Reduces floor maintenance cost 30% to 50%
- May be applied with any floor machine
- One man will replace a 4-man crew


Floor Neutro

• Neutralizes floors after stripping old finishes
• Enables better floor wax or finish adhesion
• Prevents floor wax or finish from peeling off
• Removes old soap and mineral deposits from floors
• Prevents floor wax or finish from powdering
• Prevents blotchy looking floors after applying wax or finish


Wax Kutter

• Re-emulsifies the old wax on all floor finishes
• Powerful emulso-action works fast!
• Ammoniated for cleaning power
• Double concentrate! Can be diluted to meet any job!
• Gives a clean foundation for ‘just like new’ refinishing
• Ideal for asphalt, vinyl, rubber, cork tile!


Mop N Shine

Contains no phosphates

Anti slip

Amazing Shine

No build-up

Can be used on no wax floors


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